English Conversation Classes for kids 6-12

Front door

Once the school break is over the Caterpillar Cafe will be starting English Conversation Classes for children who are taking English in school and have a grammatical basis as well as some vocabulary with which to work. The teacher is a native English speaker (bi-lingual English/Italian) and speaks with a Canadian accent. She has more than 10 years experience teaching a second language, from Reception all the way up to University level, including Libyan kids learning English. As Anglophones we have noticed the difficulty and shyness kids feel when trying to communicate in English, despite their eagerness. This class is an attempt to aid such children gain confidence in their English speaking abilities and to improve their English comprehension skills. It will be held twice weekly, in the afternoons, thus catering to kids who attend school in the mornings. If there is sufficient interest for a morning session, one may open up, please contact Caterpillar Cafe to learn more about this course.

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