At the Caterpillar Cafe we hope to provide a home away from home, where you can enjoy the company of other moms while your kids can play safely with other kids in one of the age-appropriate rooms (0-3 years, 4-7 years and 8-12 years). The Caterpillar Cafe offers privileged play time for moms and kids and a space to develop your creativity together, it is intended as much for moms as it is for kids; it allows women of various backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and experiences, support each other and it welcomes their kids, granting them constructive fun outside of home and school.
All toys provided meet North American or European safety standards and we offer fresh coffee, tea, hot cocoa or cold beverage. There are over a hundred English books to choose from ranging in interest from infant to tween, fiction, non-fiction and self-help (mostly related to pregnancy and parenthood, but also some feminine indulgence!).
Experts emphasize the importance of play in the development of a child’s intelligence and imagination. Come and enhance yours too! Semi-structured role plays, physical, word and craft activities help children to develop holistically. Come and experience a unique space to hone the art of play! Develop your skills and creativity with us and join us in a journey that will enrich your life and your child’s in countless ways!

If you’re looking for a place where your kids can put to practice their English grammar skills, overcome their shyness and improve their reading, speaking and listening skills with a native English speaker with plenty of experience teaching a second language and with high academic credentials, then look no further. At Caterpillar Cafe we offer English conversation classes for kids 6-12 and Schoolwork help, where students can bring their books and review the school curriculum, practice their English notions and improve their understanding.
If this sounds like the kind of environment you’d like to immerse yourself in, come by and check out our Caterpillar Cafe in Mansoura

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We hope to be able to provide further activities, courses, workshops and services as the group grows and its specific needs and wants become clearer. Fees will be adjusted accordingly.
Please be advised that in order to ensure everyone’s comfort, men will not be allowed inside the premises under any circumstances, thank you for your understanding.
Please note that rules and conditions do apply.

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