Playgroup (toddler to pre-schooler)                       5LyD/person/session 

Playgroup sessions are especially for moms with toddlers and pre-schoolers at home, who are looking for ways to keep busy in productive ways. You can bring your child(ren) during 2 hours of engaging and stimulating play. There is the possibility of leaving your child for one hour only, babysitting fees apply.

Art Project/Craft (school-aged children)                                 10LyD/child/session[1]

School-aged children will engage in an artistic or culinary feat, which they shall complete within the 2 hour period and take home with them. These sessions must be booked AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, to allow for proper preparations and avoid overcrowding. Moms can settle into the mom’s area or use the other rooms with their younger children who can’t participate in Craft session. Once a month Amira (of Amira Made) hosts the Art Project and on another Thursday, each month, the Craft session is a mere 5LyD per child.

Freeplay session (mom and kids)  5LyD per child per session

                                                            Children under 1 and moms enter free of charge.

Mom and her kids can take advantage of the strategically placed, age-appropriate toys and books to enjoy together or individually. The facilitator is there to show you around, how games work, where everything is and to help out and give you ideas, but the purpose of this is to allow kids to play freely with other kids, parents are responsible for their adequate care, proper behavior and safety. They will each receive a beverage and a small snack if they so wish and will be able to stay and have fun during the entire duration of the session (10-12am or 5-7pm on the specified days), although they don’t have to remain for the whole period and the price remains the same.

 BABY SITTING                                                       10LyD/child/session

With at least a 24 hour notice and for a maximum of 3 children at any given time (ages 0-12), during opening hours. If you need a break or need to go somewhere without your little one, you may leave him/her here to play with the kids, supervised by a responsible adult.

 [1] The fee might be adjusted depending on the costs of materials and eventual featured guest teacher.


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