Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There’s no feeling like the one you get when you’re near water, and you hear its movement: the rushing of a river, the moving waves of an ocean, or the gentle trickling of a small stream. This, combined with feeling the fresh breeze on your face, from the open air, or from gusts of wind weaving through trees. In these moments the birds seem to turn onto your frequency, and suddenly you can hear them sing, and all you want to do is listen.

The air feels lighter: it’s no longer just the inevitable stuff you put in your lungs to survive, but the stuff dreams are made of! The weight-lifting from your shoulders kind of stuff, that makes you think you’re levitating, in suspended animation. Time stands still. and you’re there: one with nature. Centered within yourself, and in the middle of the cosmos. For a moment everything makes sense and you let yourself be carried away by the illusion that everything really is fine, there are no problems… The problems, if they still exist, are outside this oasis, they’re not yours. This moment is yours. This spot. This peace, is yours.

Like Narnia’s closet, time in this alternate reality passes differently, but at some point, you remember you’re passing through here. This isn’t your life. This is but a brief sojourn, and your life awaits you beyond this spot. So you slowly make your way back to life, back to a reality that now miraculously feels so much less important, so much more manageable, so insignificant compared to the perfection you just witnessed. And you feel richer, wiser, calmer, more content than when you got there.

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