A heartfelt thought

Dear Sister

A country’s rebirth, it’s hopeful, painful, exciting and scary all at once and for Libya it’s been all  this and so much more, intermittently, for a few years already.

We started this concept of a Cafe for moms and children with this newness in mind, hoping to provide a service where we found a gap that desperately needed to be filled. But reality is so much more complex.

Like so many other things, theory and practice can be completely different things. You might have very clear and precise ideas starting off, and then find yourself having to change left and right to adapt to realities that don’t behave as you had anticipated.

The same is true for teaching and, dare I say it, mothering. My oldest told me with pure conviction, talking about the younger siblings, that if they were his children, he would have them behave in such and…

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