Please refer to the Schedule tab to find out what is happening on the day you wish to come, or when the activity you are looking for will be held next. To find us you can zoom into the satellite picture in the About and Contact tabs, or simply follow the directions on the side of this page from Nasr Str. You will also find some pictures in the Pictures tab and a brief explanation of what to expect for each session in the Price tab. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules as well, they are under the aptly named Rules tab! All sessions other than Freeplay are to be booked in advance, to allow for adequate preparation and avoid overcrowding, you can either fill out the form here, which you will find in the Application Form tab, email me, contact me from the Contact tab, pm me on the FB Caterpillar page or sms me on my cellphone, which is listed here on the Homepage and on the FB page. I thank you and look forward to meeting you and your kids soon!

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